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"Madam President, the reason we are discussing hoovering up somebody else’s fish is because of the ecological calamity created in EU waters by the common fisheries policy, but I would invite the Chamber to ponder the common fisheries policy as a symbol of a wider problem, a token or symptom, of a wider problem in Europe, and it is the way in which we have elevated the goal of closer integration over any practical concerns. So despite the hoovering up of fish stocks, we have retained this obsession with the principle of a common resource to which all Members have equal access, even though that discourages conservation. In the same way we are maintaining the euro, despite the immiseration of many of the people who have to use the euro. We are maintaining the principle of Schengen despite the obvious migratory problems that it creates, because everything is sacrificed to the dogma of ever-closer union. It is worth noting that despite the obvious disaster that has afflicted British fisheries, the common fisheries policy formed no part of the recent renegotiation. That, in a way, is all you need to know if you think the EU may one day be reformed."@en1

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