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"Mr President, first of all I want to thank the rapporteur, Madam Kuneva, for her report on domestic workers and carers in the EU. I personally submitted 17 amendments to our opinion in the Employment Committee, and I am very pleased to see that virtually all of those ideas are included in the final report. In particular my call on all Member States to ratify Convention 189 of the ILO is included. This is the Domestic Workers’ Convention. In that context I am happy to say that my own country – Ireland – has in fact ratified that Convention, but 22 other EU Member States have not, and they need to do so urgently. I am pleased also that my idea on ensuring the professionalism, or the professionalisation, of the sector to foster the creation of decent jobs leading to quality employment is included. And I am also pleased that might call for a carers’ leave directive is included in the final report. Finally, I support the campaign ‘Make them visible’, which highlights the need for proper working conditions and decent work for domestic workers and carers in the EU."@en1

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