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"Mr President, first of all I want to thank the rapporteur for his important report. It is important because it highlights the fact that one in six Europeans are either in poverty or at risk of poverty. In Ireland the figure is 16%. But crucially, the report points to concrete measures that can be taken to try to meet the EU 2020 anti-poverty targets. We are all aware that poorer households spend a higher proportion of their income on household costs, whether accounted for by utilities or housing or energy or food, than other households do. Therefore, a minimum income that takes into account the economic and social circumstances in each Member State and is based on a life-cycle approach is, in my opinion, a safety net. Certain practical suggestions, such as a winter heating disconnection moratorium, the possibility of extending the fund for the most deprived, and measures to reduce energy poverty, such as micro loans for investing in energy efficiency, are all important steps. Access to water and sanitation is a human right, and privatisation of these services has had a negative effect on households. Finally, I agree with the Commissioner. We need to upgrade our skills and invest in jobs and, crucially, decent work and decent jobs."@en1

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