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"The basic need of European citizens is safety and security. This is what our citizens ask from us all especially now, after the tragic terrorist attacks on Brussels and Paris. PNR is one of the basic security measures that are needed. All competent institutions, starting with Europol, have strongly advised to adopt it without delays. EPP has strongly supported adoption of PNR because it is considered to be one of elementary and effective measures to reduce and prevent terrorism, human trafficking and international crime. PNR does not mean that we compromise at the expense of privacy, because when boarding a plane we provide our basic data to the air companies anyway. It is truly regrettable that the liberal-leftist majority has delayed adoption of PNR for 5 years. We owe the directive in question to the victims of Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks and to prevent possible future victims. Sharing air passenger data with security services would help to track down potential terrorists. The EPP urges that PNR should be followed by the adoption of an ambitious plan on terrorism as soon as possible, preferably before the summer break."@et1

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