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"Mr President, 800 years ago on a reedy stretch of riverbank in my constituency on the Thames, a bargain was struck between a recalcitrant king and some barons that led to the foundation of what was within 50 years to become a parliament meeting at Westminster. The primary function of that parliament, right from the beginning, was not representation, but holding the government to account, especially on financial questions. Everything else was a side-line – the debates, the constituency representation. The core role of a parliamentarian was to keep the executive in check. Now look at the difference between all our national parliaments when it comes to these budgetary questions and the attitude of this Parliament in this report. We as MEPs in the majority are constantly asking for more money, for more European resources, for increases in budgets. It is precisely the opposite of what national assemblies were set up to do. We keep hearing about all the uncertainties that will follow the British vote on whether to leave the EU. Well here is one absolute certainty: the budget is never going to get any smaller."@en1

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