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"Mr President, this report bases its legal status on the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms – a document that, when it was negotiated, we were assured by the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, would not apply to the UK. Then his Europe Minister said: well, okay it is there but it does not really mean anything. He said it had all the legal force of a copy of . We were then told again by the current Prime Minister that opting out of the Charter of Fundamental Rights was a critical part of the recent negotiations. Nothing has changed. Again we see the way in which there is a one-way agglomeration of powers by the institutions of the European Union. Britain had thought that the European Union was an intergovernmental organisation about trade and commerce and that the Council of Europe was the human rights organisation, but we now see that the EU has to acquire jurisdiction in every field of policy. That is the bus which we are going on. If we want to stay put, we do not literally remain motionless on that bus – we have to step off it."@en1

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