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"Mr President, so finally we have it, the proposal to amend the Posting of Workers Directive. President Juncker and the Commissioner promised us the same pay for the same work in the same place, and this is it. I for one am happy to see it. The Directive is 20 years old and during that time there have been many cases before the ECJ – the Rüffert case, the Laval case, the Viking case. There has been uncertainty surrounding the provisions of the directive and certain abuses, and while I believe the Enforcement Directive will deal with some of them, it cannot deal with all. There is still a core issue between Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which guarantees equal treatment and Article 56, which guarantees employers’ rights to provide services across borders. Article 45 guarantees equal treatment for seasonal and temporary agency workers, for fixed and part-time workers and for men and women, but not for posted workers. In some sectors, such as construction for example, there are wage gaps of 30% and more between local and posted workers, and in countries where posted workers make up a reasonable amount of that sector, posting can and does exercise a downward trend on wages. Yes, we need competition between companies, but as the Commissioner herself said, that must be based on many different elements. It must be based on productivity and expertise and innovation, on the type and quality of service and not just exclusively on wages. I, like Mr Casa, Commissioner, thank you for your courage in bringing forward this proposal. It is a start."@en1

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