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"13 million people in need of humanitarian aid, 5 million of them children, more than 250 000 people killed, more than 4 million refugees and 9 million IDPs. In 2015, MSF medical facilities faced 94 aerial and shelling attacks. MSF also has recorded 74 mass casualty incidents, noting the increase from October last year. Observers state that all forces opposed to Assad are indiscriminately attacked, without making a difference between civilians and militants. Both governments also use cluster bombs, confirmed by numerous reports on the ground. Russia is not a solution: siding with Assad has made it a contributor to one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes since WWII. One should not forget that Russia’s strategic aim is destabilising Europe and NATO. Further, it lies within the responsibility of the EU not only to receive refugees, but also to create conditions in Syria, in the form of safe areas where people could live until they could return to their homes. Also, the EU and other states need to adequately finance the World Food Programme, which supports Syrian refugees in neighbouring states."@et1

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