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"Madam President, one of the more lamentable tendencies in our present age is to use legislation as a kind of virtue signalling, a way to show what a nice person you are rather than to look at the effects and consequences of the law. Here is a hard thing about this subject that ought to be pointed out. There is actually a contradiction between animal welfare and the prevalence of the diseases mentioned in these reports. When we had ugly, industrial, mass factory farming of the kind that was introduced fifty or forty years ago there were remarkably sterile sealed environments where animal diseases did not spread. As soon as we decided that animal welfare was important and we wanted animals outside, having organic lives and so on, they became more prone to having disease spread from one farm to another. Tension of exactly this kind, namely where you draw the line between health and welfare, is a case that ought to be decided by our elected national authorities. It is precisely these sensitive issues that we should leave to voters country by country."@en1

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