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"Madam President, Madam Commissioner, the UNGASS Conference will be an opportunity to promote the European approach related to drug issues in order to tackle the demand and supply, also to fight drug-related problems. The European approach is unique, as we have managed to create coordination with 28 drug policies joined together and reinforced by action taken at EU level. This is a model with a special role for EMCDDA, our agency, to do risk assessments, and we should share this experience with the regional organisations. As Europe, we should promote the abolition of the death penalty and the right to healthcare services for people affected by drugs. It is important to change the attitude, not to stigmatise or criminalise people dependent on drugs but promote a preventive approach and build an awareness of how dangerous all kinds of drugs are. Three points: firstly, the integrated approach should be further developed, with cooperation between health, justice and law enforcement, civil society focused on assistance, treatment, education and awareness-raising. On the other hand, a more coordinated fight against organised crime should be a priority as well. Secondly, we need to adjust to the new ways of drug distribution, taking into account the role of the internet. This is not only for law enforcement but also for parents and prevention organisations. And thirdly, we should understand the phenomenon of new psychoactive substances, which pose more and more of a threat. We need a proper early-warning system and the possibility to react much faster. This is why all available resources, especially related to the EMCDDA in Europe, need to be strengthened."@pl2

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