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"Mr President, as we express our support for closer cooperation between the EU and Tunisia through trade, let me begin by recognising the people in Tunisia. We know these times are very challenging, but we are encouraged and also moved by your ongoing courage and struggle to overcome repression, whether it is authoritarian or Islamist and even the horrors of terrorist attacks. Tunisia is and must be an example of peaceful transition, yet this path of transition to democracy is hard, and the EU must be Tunisia’s first and essential partner. Let us also remember why five years ago Mohamed Bouazizi, in an act of despair, set himself on fire and became a symbol for all those who had a good education but for whom corruption prevented any opportunity, especially for young people. I trust that a good trade agreement along with broader support will contribute to development, stability and the freedom of Tunisians to shape their own future, and in that context I urge colleagues not to prevent a very minimal quota on the import of olive oil without duties. It will have very little impact on the European market but will be a major support for Tunisian development."@nl1

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