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"Madam President, I would like to start by thanking Mr Heinz Becker for his excellent work on this dossier. Freedom of movement is one of the four basic freedoms on which the EU is founded and creates opportunities for both workers and companies and increases employment rates. However, we are still facing endemic mass unemployment, which places upon us the responsibility to improve labour mobility within the EU, not only by creating new opportunities but also by filling vacancies effectively to develop the European labour market, as the EU 28 mobility rate currently stands at a low of 0.29%. One method of encouraging employment and creating human capital is by not only reinforcing every EU citizen’s fundamental right of free movement but also removing possible obstacles which may obstruct intra-EU labour mobility throughout the Union. This is where EURES will aid in filling these vacancies. The EURES database will help promote mobility and make the process of obtaining jobs in other Member States much simpler. I believe that regulating and enhancing the EURES network with the European classification tool will present more opportunities to fill job vacancies across EU borders."@mt2

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