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"The European Semester should be a moment of reflexion on what does not work in the European Union and what we have to pursue in the coming period to resolve it. We see a Europe that is having difficulties recovering from the crisis. The slow economic growth is still affecting employment, and the lack of investment is affecting the entrepreneurial potential in a lot of European countries. Europe is even more unequal than ever before, the future of young Europeans is affected for ever, and no solutions seem to be found. The promised leverage mechanism of the European Fund for Strategic Investment is not there. With only a five-point multiplication effect we are far from the target. Europe needs a new hope, a new dynamism. We are acting as fixers, not as solution makers, we are not doing prevention at all and we are incapable of delivering quality results. Our solution, as social democrats, is to start reconnecting with our citizens, with our SMEs, with our town/villages, to find there the resources that can make Europe great again. We have the strength, we simply need the will."@ro2

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