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"This report concerns the European Parliament’s contribution to the definition of economic policy priorities for the 2016 European Semester process of policy coordination, responding to the Commission’s Annual Growth Survey and related documents, including a draft recommendation for the economic policy of the euro area. In parallel, reports on the employment and social aspects and the single market aspects of the European Semester are also being drawn up. These reports are discussed with the Commission and the Council in preparation for the Spring European Council meeting. The present report aims to stimulate debate at European level, also with the involvement of national parliamentarians, social partners and civil society. It is my view that in the current economic circumstances the ‘virtuous triangle’ of fiscal responsibility and structural reform, promoted by the European Commission, should be enlarged into a ‘solid square’, with domestic demand as the fourth component. There is also a clear need for higher investment. Furthermore, there is an excess of savings not channelled towards the real economy."@en1

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