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"Madam President, it is now my pleasure to intervene in the conclusion of this debate. I also found the debate extremely useful. I would also like to thank the Commission and the Presidency for the statements they made. With these three good reports, we can see a new compromise emerging for a stronger recovery – to implement the Europe 2020 strategy with the right combination of investments and reforms, but also to tackle imbalances and social inequalities. We need to do so. You can be sure that Parliament stands ready to go on working, together with the Commission and the Presidency, to deliver on the next phases of the European Semester. That is why I would like to use my last minutes to propose that, by building precisely on our very positive experience over the last months, we can open negotiations on the interinstitutional agreement in order to improve the European Semester. In practice, we could already get some of these improvements, because we could have a good discussion with the Commission before the adoption of the Annual Growth Survey and immediately afterwards. A second important improvement was the euro area discussion in plenary, which was also an opportunity to interact with the President of the Eurogroup. Finally, as we can see now, we in Parliament can deliver three reports well in advance, to be taken into account for the preparation of the upcoming spring European Council, thus improving the interface we have between Parliament and the Council. We can build on this progress and consider the possibility of an interinstitutional agreement to have a European Semester with more democratic legitimacy, but also with more relevance and impact on the ground regarding our citizens."@pt2

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