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"Madam President, first of all I would like to thank our rapporteur, Ms Sofia Ribeiro, for her excellent work on this dossier. It has to be acknowledged that the European Semester has clearly shown that it provided the necessary tools that helped Member States get out of the financial crisis, but the crisis has left its scars on the European social model. The challenge lies in strengthening the social dimension of the EU. It is encouraging to note that three new employment indicators have been added to the main scoreboard. In order to strengthen the recovery and foster upward economic and social convergence across Member States, it is necessary to reform our economies and invest in human capital to create more jobs at all levels. Europe has a number of tools at its disposal to achieve this: essentially the Europe 2020 strategy and the implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe. On both counts, we need to look carefully at improving its implementation and monitoring in order to ensure smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Finally, I believe that Member States need to take a holistic approach to implementing effective labour market policies, targeting both jobseekers and employers. It is important to facilitate job-seeking in the European Union through education, training and reskilling."@mt2

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