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"Madam President, like others, I would like to thank the rapporteur of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs for her openness. Within this process many of us have been arguing for quite some time that the social dimension –social fairness – has to be fully recognised. We really hope that what we are seeing here is a genuine shift in the Commission – but I think many of us wait to be convinced. We welcome the additional social indicators, but we think they have got to have a real meaning and a real impact on policy and that social fairness means that we have to tackle the inequalities, both within and between our countries. We recognise that it is not a by-product of economic activity but requires considered action. So we welcome the report’s call for investment in services such as healthcare, child care and housing. Social fairness will be helped by decent wages, and it really is time that we closed the gender pay gap and tackled in—work poverty. We really hope that social dialogue is seriously back on the agenda, having been so badly damaged."@en1

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