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"Madam President, first of all I would like to thank the rapporteur from the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, Ms Ribeiro, for a very good and a very constructive process and work on this report. I understand that finding compromises in this matter is not easy, and I understand that many concerns have been taken into consideration. I also have to say, however, that in my opinion the Employment Committee’s position on the annual growth survey could have a more forward-looking approach, recognising the achievements made and pointing to reforms needed in the European labour market to size up the full potential and contribute to strengthening the growth that is now slowly returning to Europe. The economic situation is improving. Unemployment continued to fall in December 2015 by 0.1% compared to November 2015. Unemployment is still too high, standing at 10.4%, but the situation is, however, improving. The number and proportion of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion stabilised in 2013 and 2014. We should not neglect the fact that the social situation is still severe for many and that more efforts need to be made to create growth and new jobs and thereby a way out of poverty and social exclusion, but we should…"@da1

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