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"Madam President, first of all I would like to thank the rapporteur for the good cooperation in this report and also to thank my shadow rapporteur. Mr Tremosa i Balcells, I am a bit surprised: you say that you are voting against this report because we are using the flexibilities for more investment. Have you been listening to the chief economist of the OECD, who this year joined the ranks saying that Europe needs more investments? It seems that more and more economic institutions in Central Europe, and even outside Europe, are saying that more investments are needed, but ALDE, the Liberals, are keeping up their old strategy of saying ‘no, we should not invest’. This is a very strange attitude, and I am happy that this report gives more room for investment and also more room for investment in human capital, and that we are saying that the euro area’s aggregate fiscal stance is a good thing to look at and that the structural reforms should be more geared to resource efficiency. All these aspects are good aspects in this report, and that is why we as a Group can vote in favour and give once more consideration to the Liberals to really change their strategy, because the world is moving on."@nl1

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