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"Madam President, the ALDE Group is of the opinion that this report could be improved. That is why we are presenting some amendments for tomorrow. If they receive the votes of the big coalition, we could reconsider our final negative vote on this dossier. In our opinion, the current version of this report calls for increasing flexibility in public deficit spending, forcing the legal framework. The text also has the wrong view and implications on current account surpluses, which are more critical than current account deficit countries. The dossier does not recommend EFSI projects to be economically viable and falls short, introducing bureaucracy, modernising economies and removing barriers to entry to the labour market. Our amendments tried to make the report more balanced. Fiscal expansion is not the panacea for the current economic situation. We point out the importance of structural reforms. Only if the business environment improves will private investment be mobilised. China is slowing, and even the Federal Reserve in America is afraid that another crisis is around the corner. So it is time for Member States to do their reform homework."@es2

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