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"Madam President, the Council meeting discussed migration, and yet most of our debate here is talking about the UK referendum. So I want to begin by addressing this migration question, because it is linked to what is happening in terms of the UK and the potential outcome of that vote. I think that the European Union has been found wanting. If you look at the neighbouring countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, who have taken a great deal of people and to whom promises have been made in terms of funding from the European Union, but who have yet to receive that money, I think that issue needs much more attention and much deeper focus, because citizens’ concerns on that issue are feeding into negativity around the European Union. On the UK issue, I have already spoken in raising a question. We must not interfere, but we do – and have space, I think, to – give our opinions as a near neighbour in terms of a border with the United Kingdom. I am an Irish Member and we have Northern Ireland on our borders. We will have an interest in the outcome, and clearly our interest is maintaining the UK in the European Union."@en1

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