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"Madam President, I think it is striking that, in the discussions we have had this afternoon, very few of the points put forward by the ‘antis’ are discussing the problems we are facing. This is not only about the European Union and how we would like the European Union to develop. This is about Europe and its stability, security and prosperity and its challenges – Putin, Russia and Ukraine and provocations against a number of European Member States. Of course, we know that a lot of those who are ‘anti’ would be happy to give in to Putin: they have voted that way here. We have the need for economic recovery and prosperity, but of course a lot of those on that side do not want open markets. But if we look upon the problems regarding stability – Putin, the fall of states in the Middle East and Northern Africa, the refugee crisis and climate policies – I do not think anyone can see how we can solve these problems or deal with these problems without being unified. Those who would like to see fragmentation would only honour the hopes of the Putins, the Le Pens and the extremists in the Middle East and in Europe. We must defeat them, and the United Kingdom must understand how important the United Kingdom is in Europe."@sv2

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