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"Mr President, first of all I would like to welcome some constituents who are here from the South-East of England. I hope you have enjoyed the debate. Well that was a successful negotiation. David Cameron got precisely 1% of what he asked for, and only if there is Treaty change. I represented the ENF in the Conference of Presidents last week along with Mr Brok, but our arrogant Prime Minister decided he only wanted to meet half the MEPs and the EU leaders represented there, despite us actually representing hundreds of MEPs. That meeting told me what the British people need to know. There will be no Treaty change; there will be no taking back control of our borders. There will be no restriction on the free movement of people; the so-called in-work benefits brake can be challenged by the EU courts; and the only vote on the deal by the MEPs in this Chamber is only indicative and not legally binding. So, Mr Brok, the Prime Minister’s deal is not worth the paper it is written on, and that was told to him by his Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, today. The EU courts and the EU politicians can rip it up straight after the referendum, and the only way to get real change is to vote leave."@en1

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