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"Mr President, I would like to thank the EU leaders for their tolerance for yet more British demands. They recognise the importance of a deal for Mr Cameron, but mostly for his own party. Now the battle begins: the referendum is under way, but it is not yet safely won. We have been fed lies and scare stories over 20 years from a largely foreign-owned media and comical characters such as Mr Farage. The stakes could not be higher. People I speak to want to know their future will be prosperous, stable and secure. Staying in Europe is the best way to guarantee that. Businesses know that access to the world’s largest single market far outweighs any free trade deals, but the work of the EU is so much more – it is migration, climate change, terrorists – all these. We must work together on these issues. Those calling for EU exit are like lemmings running to the cliff’s edge, but they cannot tell us what is on the other side. That is not patriotic; it is idiotic. Let us remain in, together, with a Britain to be proud of to hand on to our future generations."@en1

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