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"Mr President, the settlement that has been negotiated and unanimously agreed by all 28 Member States is, I think, a fair and balanced deal. All the institutions should be proud that the EU has been able to deliver in a timely manner. The settlement recognises that the UK can continue to benefit from the single market without being bound to the principle of ever closer union and to further political integration, while this principle remains fully valid for the others. The settlement guarantees against the pound suffering discrimination and, at the same time, is fully in line with the Treaties and with the need to preserve a level playing field across the single market and within the single rule book. Furthermore, the settlement recognises, at the same time, the need for further euro area integration. For these reasons, if British citizens decide to stay, we will examine the Commission proposal with the highest respect. We will respect the agreement and we will not prevent or delay its implementation. Legally speaking, of course, Parliament can only formally speak in an appropriate procedure on the basis of the Commission proposal but, politically speaking, I think that this debate clearly shows that the settlement commands a broad majority in this House. So we will be fair. We will keep our word. Now it is time for British citizens to safeguard their prosperity and their future."@it2

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