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"Mr President, Greens want Britain to remain part of the EU because we believe that we need to work together on shared solutions to the collective challenges that we face. Climate change, the pollution of our oceans, terrorism and the refugee crisis show no respect for borders and require collaborative and cooperative solutions. So far, the debate about whether our future lies in Europe or not has been dominated by middle-aged men in suits – but this was the boring part, like the trailers and the adverts that you have to sit through before you get to the film you came to watch. The main feature is starting now, and we all get a starring role and everybody gets an equal say. Personally, I share the concerns of those who believe that European politics have sometimes run ahead of what people in the UK and other parts of Europe as a whole are comfortable with. But I still believe that the European story should be celebrated: a story of different peoples and cultures working together for the common good. We all know that the EU is not perfect, but we need to stay in it to transform it. The referendum campaign is a chance to have a conversation about how another Europe is possible. Let us talk about how corporate influence can be curtailed and the institutions of the EU made more democratic and accountable to the citizens of Europe. It is a unique opportunity to re-establish a Europe by the people and for the people."@en1

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