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"Regarding your application of voting to the Irish citizens who reside in the rest of the United Kingdom, including in my country, England: I find it extraordinary really that you should be saying that. I do not see how that is possibly going to help you or your cause in terms of the Irish Republic and its debt overhang in the banking system. Are you advocating that your country leaves the European Union and rejoins the United Kingdom and the Sterling zone? Is that the logic of what you are saying? What do you say to the fact that, if there is a vote to leave, there will be a customs border between Northern Ireland – which is part of United Kingdom – and the Republic, which will impede trade and put more burdens economically on the Republic? How do you account for that? How is that going to help prosperity and jobs in the south – in the Republic – if there is a customs border which will actually stop the flow between Northern Ireland, which will still be in the United Kingdom and therefore outside of the European Union, and your country, which will still be in the European Union and in the customs union?"@en1

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