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"Mr President, I come from a country which was outside the integration process for 40 years – not because of our own will, but because things turned out like that after the Second World War. While it is up to the Brits to judge, I can tell you that it makes a hell of a difference whether you are inside the European Union or outside – with all its imperfections, weaknesses, difficulties and disagreements. But it is for our British colleagues to judge. I can only say that we want the UK in; we need the UK in, and that is why I am ready to accept an agreement which I find problematic on a number of provisions – I am ready to pay that price, I am ready to sacrifice. On a second and related point: this cannot be the end. This has to be the start of reforms that the European Union badly needs in a number of areas. Some of them are on the agenda today, and some of them are yet to come. My final remark is on migration: President Tusk, if you look at the European Council conclusions (and I know you have put a lot of effort into it), this is not what will deliver. March has to be the month when we deliver in concrete ways and when the first fruits really come, so that citizens will understand and believe that we are on the right track."@cs1

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