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"Mr President, this is a time of intense political debate in Wales, because prior to the EU referendum in June we have elections in May for the new Welsh Government and Assembly. We are talking about how to build a strong and sustainable economy and thriving communities, and for me the messages go hand—in—hand. My party, Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales – believes that Wales’s natural home is in Europe, and we will be campaigning to ensure that our successful relationship and partnership flourishes in future. Wales benefits from EU membership economically, socially and culturally. We want a stronger voice for Wales in Europe and we will continue to work for that, but this referendum is about the bigger picture. It is about the kind of nation we want Wales to be, and for the kind of Europe that we want for the future: one where we, here in Wales, like other countries, can contribute to building a fairer and a better society. Our message is a positive one. We believe it is in the interests of all our people – our rural and urban areas, our workers and companies, and most of all our young people – for us to remain in the European Union. We have to remember that this is a choice we are making not just for ourselves but for future generations as well."@en1

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