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"Mr President, pushing workers beyond the poverty line because of their nationality is not the way to keep Britain in the EU. Vague promises of competitiveness and semantic victories on an ever closer union will not satisfy the thirst of the Eurosceptics. You could hear it here today. Without doubt the EU is far from perfect. It is too distant from citizens, it lumbers on with a staggering democratic deficit and drains power from where it should reside, which is, without doubt, national parliaments. But the EU does offer fundamental protections in the fields of workers’, consumers’ and human rights. It presents opportunities for progressive forces to unite. It has supported the Irish peace process and projects aimed at reducing the impact of the border through INTERREG and peace funding, with examples like at the footbridge uniting Pettigo in County Donegal and Tullyhommon in Fermanagh. Much-needed structural and agricultural funds have made a huge and positive impact on the North of Ireland, and there are thousands of constituents with no faith in a British Government replacing those funds post-Brexit. For these reasons, Sinn Féin will campaign vigorously against a Brexit. Ireland’s place is in Europe – north and south."@en1

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