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"Mr President, as we in the United Kingdom look towards our very own Independence Day on 23 June 2016, we do so knowing that, despite the best efforts of our Prime Minister to deliver change, the EU is neither willing nor able to do so. The new settlement promised to us in 2013 by David Cameron has been ditched, our sovereignty will continue to be eroded and our security will continue to be at risk. We will continue to send billions more to the EU than we get back, and the fundamental flaws of membership will remain. But even if we look at the mediocre tweaks being hailed by those advocating staying in, they bring with them no guarantees. There will be no guarantee of treaty change. This Parliament can unravel the deal, as can the ECJ. What we have before us is a charade, an attempt to deceive the British people with a pig-in-a-poke deal. My message to my constituents is this: don’t buy it. Believe in our United Kingdom because, in the words of that wonderful Belfast-born author, ‘There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind’."@en1

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