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"Mr President, I need to make a personal statement. At the Wednesday sitting of the Strasbourg part-session, I asked Mr Juncker – as it happened to be at the time – a question in relation to the bank debt in Ireland. I was hoping that I was speaking in an environment where I would get the protection of the Chair, but far from it. When my office looked at the video after the speech, we discovered that the Chair had accidentally left on the mike, and he exclaimed the phrase ‘Jesus Christ’ after I spoke. I do not know whether it was perhaps in reference to the fact that I have long hair and a beard, or maybe it was the fact that he did not like what I was saying. I do not really care whether he likes what I am saying or not, because that is not his job. His job is to be independent, and if I did want him to do his job properly, maybe he might make Mr Juncker answer the question instead of being exasperated about the fact that he did not like what I was saying. What I want here is an apology on behalf of the people who elected me, because it is insulting to have that phrase used about me; it is insulting to say that after someone speaks. Can that Chair come out and do the right thing and prove that they are independent? Because there is not a lot of independence in the Chair in my experience. Can they prove it?"@en1

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