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"I voted in favour of this report. Persecutions on religious grounds have dramatically increased. In 2015 at least 7 100 Christians were murdered purely because of their belief. Two years ago this number was 2 100. 2 400 Christian churches were demolished or closed. The Iraqi Christian population has declined in 12 years by a factor of 4 – from 1.3 million to 300 000. Aleppo had a 400 000 Christian population 5 years ago - now ca. 6 000 are left. Christians are clearly the most persecuted and devastated religious group in the world. We notice these disastrous figures, but are we drawing conclusions? 2015 can be seen as a spill-over year: spill-over of systematic violence against freedom of belief. The central development has been the domination of intolerance – refusal to co-exist, not to speak of equal co-existence. Today we face the grim reality that in a few years’ time Christians will be ousted from the very cradle of Christianity, their and our common ancient cultural heritage destroyed. We have to deal with militant, intolerant racism, whose acts need finally to be qualified not only as terrorist deeds but as crimes against humanity and, on some occasions, as genocide."@et1

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