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"Mr President, I am now back on the right page. There was an item that caught my eye as being extraordinary, even by the standards that I have come to expect from EU institutions. This was the revelation of a massive corruption scandal in Kosovo involving the EU’s anti-corruption unit. Why is it that corruption is endemic in that territory, or at least in its administration? I would say for the same reason that it is endemic in the European Union. Not because it attracts bad people – not even Mr Brok is a bad person. He is a loud and oafish person, as we see from his current interruption, but I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. But no, it is not that it attracts bad people: it is that there are no proper mechanisms to hold people to account. If people in positions of authority do not need to explain themselves to voters, they will focus on making themselves comfortable. Kosovo is not allowed to be a democracy because people fear partition. They do not want any recognition of the national principles, so they impose an undemocratic government which is then, inevitably, self-serving. That is what happens. Of course, we see the same principle elevated at European level, and it allows even such characters as Elmar Brok to get themselves elected."@en1
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