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"Madam President, everyone knows that the Volkswagen emissions scandal was a disaster for the car industry, but I think we underestimate the extent to which it was also a disaster for the European Union. Thousands of people died needlessly because of a policy driven, uniquely in the European Union, as a result of corporate lobbying. Why did the EU – uniquely in the world – go down the road of promoting diesel, which had always been regarded up until then as the dirtier option? American and Japanese regulators were pushing for hybrid or electric cars but the EU, uniquely, following lobbying from certain car firms which had invented the new engine, decided to push the use of a fuel that emits 40 times as much nitrogen oxide as petrol and 22 times as many pollutants and particulates. We do not know how many people died because the cause of death will have been recorded as heart failure or cancer, not as breathing in a kind of fuel, but they are victims of the corporate lobbying nexus that has grown up in Brussels, and we are all complicit in that tragedy."@en1

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