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"Mr President, I voted for this report because I believe that cooperation between Member States, in relation to sharing information and best practice, is vital. We can develop tools which will allow us to share this information and to enforce shared practices; we can develop databases and establish rapid reaction exchange. I think all of these actions can contribute significantly to tackling undeclared work, both at national level and cross-border. It is important because Member States themselves lose revenue; but equally, and crucially, it is very important for workers themselves. Many workers find themselves without social security contributions, without any kind of protection, and they are open to exploitation. The truth is, the more marginalised the worker, the more likely they are to be exploited. I did not support Amendment 63, which asked for a Member State opt-out, because it is very clear that participation is mandatory but that any recommendations for action are purely voluntary. Finally, I did not support the amendment which asked that Members would not be reimbursed for their travel; they give their time free, their work is free, but it would be unreasonable to suggest that their airfares would not be paid."@en1

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