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"The debate on Saudi Arabia and Iran is a debate on future stability in the Middle East region, and stability in the world. Both countries are known for supporting radical and terrorist movements in their wider neighbourhood, contributing to destabilisation and inciting new conflicts. Still, it is hypocritical to complain about executions in Saudi Arabia when under Rouhani Iran has executed more than 2 000 individuals, making Iran the No 1 in the world in executions per capita. The current conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran is part of a wider intra-Islamic conflict for the hegemony in Middle East. The best and most reliable way to avoid these two concentrating on their rivalry will be their practical compliance with their obligations to respect human rights of their citizens. It is highly indicative that the nuclear deal with Iran has not taken into account Tehran’s disastrous human rights record. As the West is building its hopes on ‘moderate’ Rouhani, one is overlooking the fact that the person really pulling the strings is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is set on gaining time and restoring economic relations with the West, while continuing even more intensively the export of terrorism in Middle East and suppressing human rights at home."@et1

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