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"I voted in favour of this report. The report points out what the EU has to accomplish to enable a well-functioning digital single market and makes good proposals to fully enhance the potential of the DSM. Geo-blocking is one of main obstacles to be removed. Blocking content and building pricing policy based on geographical location is discriminatory and in contradiction with the nature of a digital single market that should provide services and goods equally across the EU. Similarly to geo-blocking, cross-border payments also hinder e-commerce. Instant e-/m-payments across the EU must become a reality based on common standards. The review of the Payment Services Directive comes at the right time and must be accomplished as soon as possible. The report rightly points out the lack of digital skills among European citizens and calls for the development of a skills strategy that should especially target disadvantaged groups in the population. E-governance must be advanced. The aim should be that our citizens can fully interact with authorities also online and are relieved from the burden to introduce the same data multiple times. Lastly, digital functions only with security. I am glad that a political agreement on data protection package and an informal agreement on NIS have been achieved."@et1

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