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"Mr President, I was happy to support this report on the Digital Single Market because I think it provides a framework for our digital future. However, I did not support Amendment 24, even though it was an ALDE amendment. This amendment – rightly I believe – tried to introduce a balance, in that it recognises that digitalisation increases autonomy and flexibility but, as well as that, it gives rise to new challenges, for example in regard to working time, burnout etc. However, I supported the original text because it asked the Commission to conduct a study on the spillover effects of digitalisation and how it impacts greater labour intensity, flexibility, family life etc., as well as the development of the cognitive abilities of children. I know the world is going digital, but that does not mean that all is well and that we just blindly move forward without considering the possible negative effects of digitalisation. The digital market, like any other, does not in itself guarantee good outcomes. We need to look at its effects, positive and negative. We need to accentuate the positive and mitigate and minimise the negative."@en1

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