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"I voted in favour of this report. Youth unemployment remains high in Europe, reaching 40-50% in some Member States. At the same time many jobs are vacant due to lack of qualified applicants. It is clear that one aspect of the problem is the mismatch of skills and demand on the labour market. Close cooperation between educational institutions, state authorities, and private-sector, student and youth organisations to identify shortcomings should become the norm, so as to have a functioning network that is able to discuss and find solutions. Europe underestimates the importance of vocational training and of practical experience in both high-school and higher education. Vocational training offers should be developed in close cooperation with the private sector, and should provide a combined system of in-class learning and quality internships and apprenticeships. Incorporating digital skills and entrepreneurship as integral part of the whole educational system will equip young people to enhance their potential better. Lastly, labour mobility remains low in Europe, whereas some parts suffer from high unemployment and other parts have unfilled jobs. Better mutual recognition of certificates and accompanying language training could give a boost and offer new opportunities especially for young people to find employment."@et1

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