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"Mr President, what I like about this report is that it puts forward some practical suggestions to assist the 7.5 million young people who are not in employment, education or training. In regard to the skills mismatch – and it is important to remember that this can sometimes be as much about over—qualification as under—qualification – this report proposes that we build strong partnerships between educational establishments, public authorities, local authorities and social partners, etc. to try to help integrate young people into the labour market. This can also be facilitated through second chance education. But I am pleased to see that, while the report emphasises the need to match skills and jobs, it also emphasises the importance of a holistic education. Education is about life as well as work. I support the call to bring young innovative employers into the ongoing dialogue that I spoke of earlier, and also the idea of mentoring programmes designed to prepare young people for the transition from school to work deserves support. Finally, the report acknowledges the importance of the creative industries and the number of jobs that can be created using traditional skills."@en1

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