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"Mr President, this is an important report on female entrepreneurship and I was very happy to support it. In fact, when we look at the figures, we see that just 31% of the entrepreneurs at EU level are women. So I suppose we have to ask the question: what can we do at a European level, to try and support female entrepreneurship? Well, one of the facilities that we have available is the microfinance facility. But again, when you look at the figures for 2013, you see that the ratio of male to female applications for this particular fund was 60:40. Therefore, it is clear that we need to do more at European level, and in that context, I was happy to support the amendment which called on the Commission to monitor the implementation of gender mainstreaming into the allocation of EU funds in relation to entrepreneurship. I think the figures for microfinance showed that is necessary. Also, I believe that the European network to promote women’s entrepreneurship helps combat stereotyping, and I am very pleased to see that the Commission this year is setting up an online platform, which will provide training, advice and business mentoring. Also, the creation of the Business Angels Network, with female business angels, will be a help."@en1

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