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"Mr President, it always makes sense to judge an organisation on the basis of its record. We have had the President of the Commission coming before this Chamber and explaining how the EU needs to expand into having a common military policy and a common tax policy and so on, so the first question we should ask before we make those steps is: how has it performed in the fields where it already has jurisdiction? Now the Common Fisheries Policy was introduced in 1972. Let us look at that record, look at the way in which, having hoovered up the stocks from the once teeming waters of the North Sea, we are now, as we see in this report, having to go further and further afield, exporting the ecological catastrophe and destroying what ought to have been a great renewable resource. Is there anything in that record that tells us that these are the same institutions, the same men and women, that we should put in charge of policing, or the army, or tax, or any new area of policy? Let us infer from what we can see."@en1

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