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"Madam President, on behalf of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), I would like to present this Objection pursuant to Rule 106 on emissions from light passenger and commercial vehicles, the Euro 6 standards. Air pollution causes over 430 000 premature deaths in the EU every year and costs up to an estimated EUR 940 billion a year as a result of its health impacts. In particular, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are major air pollutants which cause lung cancer, asthma and many respiratory diseases, as well as environmental degradation such as eutrophication and acidification. According to the EEA, NOx emissions are the cause of at least 75 000 premature deaths in the European Union yearly. Diesel vehicle exhausts are a major source of NOx in urban areas in Europe, and the Euro 6 limit value for NOx emissions from diesel vehicles is 80 mg/km under so-called normal use conditions. The draft measure, the subject of the objection, aims to establish the so-called real driving emission requirements to limit the tailpipe emissions of light passenger and commercial vehicles. The motion for a resolution considers that the draft Commission regulation would result in a blanket derogation from applicable emission limits, which is not compatible with the aim and content of Regulation 715/2007 and exceeds the implementing powers provided for in Regulation 396/2005. The ENVI Committee objects to the draft measure, in particular because it would allow vehicles to emit 168 mg/km of nitrogen oxide in the real driving emissions test, applicable to all new vehicles from September 2019, which means four years after the entry into force of the Euro 6 80mg/km limit value. Surpassing the regulation by 110% is something that deeply undermines not only the regulation itself but also, I believe, the credibility of the regulating EU bodies. The resolution therefore calls on the Commission to withdraw the draft regulation and submit a new proposal by 1 April 2016 at the latest, introducing a real driving emissions test that would ensure the effectiveness of emission control systems."@hu2

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