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"As shadow rapporteur of the EPP group, I decided to abstain in the final vote of this report. We had achieved good results in balancing the report. This includes mentioning the right to self-defence according to Article 51 of the UN Charter. Every state should be able to defend itself from aggression: thus delivering arms to Ukraine and to the Kurdish Peshmerga is highly important. The report also highlights the positive role of the defence industry. The latter is needed to bolster European security, but also for development of the European technological and industrial base. The EU Common Position on arms exports has worked well. The implementation of the eight criteria needs to be even more improved, especially concerning the timely and efficient exchange of information between the Member States when denying or revoking licences. The main reason for abstaining in the final vote lies in the paragraphs that go beyond the competences of the Common Position – demanding sanctions when Member States do not apply the CP, or demands to create a new oversight authority. Although a binding agreement, the final decision lies still in the hands of the Member States and such European mechanisms are beyond the competences of the EP and the EU."@et1

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