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"Extraordinary migration crisis with no end in sight requires extraordinary measures on European level. I welcome the initiative by the European Commission to refurbish Frontex into a new agency, the European Border and Coast Guard with a political mandate, technical means and an independent budget to conduct rescue operations, but also assist in sending back people from the borders. Frontex with its very limited mandate has been able to meet the challenges of the current situation. Without any real political commitment and binding contribution from the Member States, the EU will not be able to effectively protect its borders. I am sure that the foreseen permanent staff of around 1000 persons, plus additional 1500 deployable ones and a budget more than double of the one Frontex will help to transform Frontex into a real border and coast guard agency. I urge the Member States to support this plan. Although EU is composed of 28 sovereign Member States with their national borders, their external borders are in fact the EU common that need to be safeguarded for the common good and security of the EU as a whole."@et1

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