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"Mr President, I have seen quite a lot of policy failures in my long years here: the introduction of a currency that has impoverished the Mediterranean; I have seen the idealised Schengen area lead to the free movement of Kalashnikovs; and every single week and month we see the attempt to create a single state of Europe, which of course the European peoples do not want. But the EU’s common asylum policy is the lowest ebb for policy yet. Chancellor Merkel took the cork out of a champagne bottle and said anyone could come, and now you are trying to put the cork back in and realising it is not possible. So you have turned to somebody else to sort out your own problem. So let’s talk Turkey. They have taken your weakness, and they have now decided they are going to blackmail you. Not only do they want EUR 3 billion from you this year, they are going to want EUR 3 billion from you every single year. And in return they have given absolutely no guarantees whatsoever that they will stop people from coming, or indeed take people back. And they have managed to persuade you, whatever the Commissioner says, into offering them, by October next year, visa-free access for 75 million people, whose average GDP income is half that of the poorest EU Member State. I guess what you are doing is this: you are saying the way we will stop illegal immigration is to make it all legal immigration, and if that does not take the biscuit, now you are going to fast-track Turkey to be an EU Member State. So let us just think about that. A country, 97% of whose land mass is in Asia, apparently you want to join Europe. It is a country that appears to be keener on bombing the Kurds than it is on taking on ISIS. It is a country that has turned a complete blind eye to ISIS fighters travelling through its territory. It is a country where, according to the Pew institute in a poll last week, 8% of those 75 million actively encourage and support the aims of ISIS. It is a country directly and closely linked with buying ISIS oil, and we will finish up bordering Syria, Iraq and Iran. It is mad. It is the most dangerous decision the European Union has yet taken. I am sure the British Prime Minister will be delighted. He has campaigned for this since 2005. To me, without any of the other debates, if there was one single reason why Britain should in this referendum vote to leave the European Union, it is the folly of political integration with Turkey. It is not only stupid: it is damned dangerous."@en1

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