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"Madam President, I am delighted to see Ecuador being drawn into a regional and global network of free commerce. The more open the trade, the less you have the tendency to oligarchy, which is the natural danger in a country like that, dependent on natural resources. Free trade is particularly in the interests of small and medium firms and of consumers in a country like Ecuador. It is also – and we always seem to forget this point – mentioned as one of the primary objectives of the European Union in the Treaty of Rome. It is right up there in Article 1. We want to work towards global free trade, and yet, more than half a century on, we still have fewer free trade agreements in place with other countries than non-EU Switzerland has. The Swiss have a better deal: they can piggyback EU free-trade deals; they can go further when they think the EU is being unduly protectionist; and they are able not only to trade with their immediate neighbours on the continent but also to do what they have done and sign free-trade agreements with China. Would not that suit a country like mine far better than our current subordination?"@en1

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