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"Madam President, free trade is the greatest engine for peace and collaboration globally. As the great French economist Frédéric Bastiat observed, when goods do not cross borders, armies do. Free trade makes conflict both pointless and unduly hurtful to the perpetrator. Yet – and this point is still not widely understood, despite more than 40 years of membership of the European Union – the UK does not have a separate voice or vote in the World Trade Organization (WTO). We are represented by one-twenty-eighth of an EU official, I think at the moment a Swedish former sociology professor. That is not just a problem in theory, it is very much a problem in practice, when we think that Europe is the only continent on the planet not experiencing economic growth. The other continents are surging ahead, but the eurozone economy is the same size that it was in 2008. We do not sit on any great natural resources in my damp, green, exquisite island home. We have to make our way in the world through what we buy and sell. That means we have to be where the customers are. The customers are not in Europe, and we need to leave the European Union and take back our place in the WTO."@en1

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