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"I voted in favour of this report. The core to fight against terrorism and radicalisation in the EU lies in effective and rapid information exchange. PNR is long overdue and has been constantly blocked by ALDE in this house. EU needs a functioning PNR before the end of 2015 to prevent terrorist acts in Europe. Further, I support the rapporteur in her efforts to prevent radicalisation in prisons, notably separating individuals preaching radical ideologies. I welcome the move by Belgian authorities who decided to isolate one of hate-preachers from other prisoners. The internet has become an efficient tool for terrorists in spreading hate-speech and recruiting new members. Internet service providers have to assume concrete responsibility to eliminate any hate-preaching and radical terrorist-aiming messages. EU member states have to be prepared for criminal prosecution if ISPs fail their responsibility. The Europol cybercrime centre needs access to data, availability of the latest technology and more staff not only monitor individuals, but also flows of money, weapons and trafficking. EU institutions and Member States can enhance their role primarily by providing them with adequate legal and budgetary framework!"@et1

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